Below is some of the more frequently asked questions we get. If there is still a question you would like answered, please fill in the form at the bottom.

Frequently asked questions

When  and where do you meet?

We gather every Sunday morning at 10am at the Farmington Middle School. The physical address is 359 Rheas Mill Road, Farmington Arkansas. Look for the Casting signs and banners. We typically gather for an hour and fifteen minutes. We are out before the noon lunch rush.

What Should I Wear?

Personally…we don’t care. Just remember there are many children that come to Casting. Our pastors have been known to preach in sandals and shorts with a t-shirt. We are more concerned about your heart than your fashion

Do you have a kids program?

Yes…we have a great kids program every Sunday morning that starts the same time as service, 10AM. We encourage any child between pre-k to 6th grade to participate in this if they would like. All you have to do is check your child in and they are good to go.

Is your kids staff/volunteers background checked?

Absolutely! Your child’s safety is a huge priority for us. Any person that volunteers in our kids or youth program is background checked before they are allowed to engage with the kids.

Wait…6th graders can be in the kids and youth program?

Well…yes and no. This age in a child’s life is unique. We like to have discussions with the kids and the parents to understand if they are ready to move up to the youth program or stay where they are for another year. It’s really up to the child and parents but we are okay with them attending either or both.

What does a typical Sunday gathering look like?

You can see more at our Sundays page but the gist of it is that we sing praises to God as a body (typically contemporary music), we pray, we learn from God’s Word, and we take communion. All of those components exist on a Sunday morning.