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We are passionate about kids. Our kids program is one of the most important ministries we have at Casting. Why? Three reasons…first, Jesus was passionate about kids. Second, children are the future leaders and disciples. Third, parents place a lot of trust in us to teach their kids about God. All of these reasons motivate us to bring the most engaging, fun, and creative kids program we can each Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.


Our kids meet each Sunday during the Sunday service. Kids between the ages of 6-weeks and 6th grade are invited to be a part of this gathering. All parents have to do is sign their children in.

Each Wednesday evening we have our Casting Kids program for ages Kindergarten through 6th grade. We start the fun at 6:30pm and end at 7:45pm each Wednesday. This is a great time for kids to connect on a more intimate level.


Our kids are led by a dedicated staff of volunteers that are background checked before their time with the kids.

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The teenage years are the greatest and hardest times in life. Changes are happening, decisions are being made, and life is moving faster and faster. Our youth program has two parts to it.


First, We want to be resource to the students who attend. We want to encourage them and guide them in a biblical way. Their spiritual growth is our main focus.


Second, we want to be a resource and partner to the parents. We want to give parents tools that will help them in the day-to-day experience of raising teenagers.

No one gives an instruction manual on parenting teenagers but we want to be a resource. We want to be your partner.


The youth meet every Wednesday evening between 6:30PM and 7:45PM at the Farmington Middle School.

Our youth is led by a dedicated staff of volunteers that are background checked before their time with them.