Our mission is to bring people into a REAL relationship with Jesus and others. But what does it mean to have a REAL relationship? Many of our relationships today are built on social media or a friends list. We believe relationships are more than that. For us REAL means that it is Relevant, Engaging, Authentic, and Loving. All that we do leads to this goal of having this type of relationship with the people around us while putting Jesus at the center of all we do. Our Sunday services, small group gatherings, community service events, and interactions with people are all focused on this one mission: having a REAL relationship.

See it in Action!


Our vision is to cultivate the culture of our community. We have a focus to bring the church to the community and not expect the community to come to the church. One way we are launching this vision is through our SAN/MAN program. This is our See A Need Meet A Need program. We want to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus.​​


These core values light the way as we move forward and make decisions:​

Invest in people and relationships

Everybody plays

Launch with grace, land with truth

Our story is God’s glory

Serve without labels

Love beyond reason

Wondering how this looks at Casting?