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Certainty When it Seems Uncertain

Updated: Apr 20

As a co-vocational pastor, I have an 8-5 job. That just means I report to work every Monday through Friday. This is a great benefit for the church because financially our resources aren’t tied up in payroll. I earn my pay through a for-profit company. Our resources are used for community ministry. It keeps me connected with what people call the “real world” because I wake up every morning just like others, prepare myself, and go to work every day for an organization that is trying to make money. I’m given the opportunity to live life with people in their natural habitat of work and not just on a Sunday at church or a home visit one evening. I can’t tell you how many ministry opportunities God has given me through my work place environment. Seriously, I prayed with a lady one time in our mail room for her dog. It was important to her, so it was important to God, so I prayed with her. It was amazing! I’m not saying that full time ministry isn’t work. There’s a different perception within that realm plus in reality we are all called to full-time ministry in some form or fashion.

As you can imagine, I’m now working from home due to the current state of the world. It’s like a triple duty thing…I’m working on supplier relationships (I’m a supply chain professional), teaching my 10-year old (schools are closed), and doing the duties I need to as a pastor (moving to the online and potential home church model). Let’s be honest, working from home is no joke on a normal day, tie in all the other stuff and it’s down-right exhausting…not to mention there is no separation now of work and home.

For many of us, the circumstances today are more about the uncertain future than doom and despair. We wonder how bad this virus really is or if we will ever see another roll of toilet paper or worse what do we do if we run out of toilet paper. It seems that you are one of two people during this time. You either feel this situation has been overblown and wonder why everything is shut-down OR you wonder why there are still people wondering around in public when they’ve been asked to stay home. There could be some in the middle here but…I doubt it. You’re typically one or the other.

Fortunately, this post is not about one side or the other. It’s pure encouragement regardless of what side you sit on.

You can pick a myriad of scripture to be encouraged by. That’s the entire gist of the Bible…a love story pointing to Jesus as our savior. How can we not be encouraged by the fact that God came to earth as a human, dies for our sins so we could live with Him FOREVER and all we have to do is accept that gift (Romans 6:23)! If that doesn’t get us excited then we may need to check our hearts.

Here is a simple Psalm to encourage you today:

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his faithful love endures forever. I called to the Lord in distress; the Lord answered me and put me in a spacious place. The Lord is for me; I will not be afraid. What can a mere mortal do to me? The Lord is my helper, Therefore, I will look in triumph on those who hate me. – Psalm 118:1,5-7 (CSB)

I hope that encourages you to know that God’s love is faithful and endures forever. No matter the situation, circumstance, or pattern that is your life today…He loves you! Disease, no disease…pain, no pain…shame, no shame…guilt, no guilt…love, no love…HE IS FOR YOU, do not be afraid. That is powerful! Don’t skip over that simple looking verse. Just stop…seriously…stop right now and think about this…the creator of ALL things…the earth, moon, stars, trees, ants, science, your pet, your loved ones…our God who did all those things is FOR YOU! Before you read another word, please bow your head and thank Him. Fall on your knees and beg for forgiveness. Glorify His name above your own name. Humble yourself before Him because He is for you and you should not be afraid. Okay…do that right now…just pray to Him. I’ll wait…

How was it? I bet that was an awesome time with God. Any time with God is amazing. Don’t downplay those moments. We should honor and thank Him…why? Because he is good.

Know that you can call on the Lord in your good and bad times and he answers you. Just because he doesn’t answer the way you expect doesn’t mean he doesn’t answer.

Above all else, whether you are in a panic, chaos, or dismay…God is for YOU! Here's the real question…is your life reflecting that you are for God? Don’t pass by that question. I seriously want you to take a moment and write down how your life has reflected that you're for God. Don’t forget those social media postings either. It’s easy to be a social media voice and not share the love of Jesus.

God is for you…is your life for Him?

How can we pray for you today?

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