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Every Small Group consists of four aspects. These aspects are caring, connecting, learning, and serving.

Each person within the group connects with each other and those not in the small group. A small group should be an unintimidating way to introduce people.

A small group is the first line of care within the church. As people connect they care for each other. If someone is sick, needs prayer, or just encouragement, those in the small group are the ones to take that on.

Growing in our relationship with Jesus should be the goal of any Christian. Our small groups are in the Word at least twice a month. They explore and dive into the Bible to answer the questions that affect everyday life. While we cannot always have open discussion on a Sunday, the small group gatherings are a great way to open up and discuss thoughts about scripture.


The small group is a place to serve as well. The small group will spend time together serving the community as well.


There is another aspect of a small group to mention. It is the sending piece. As people grow, they have an amazing opportunity to learn how to be leaders. These people are then sent to be small group leaders to develop others. We use a five step process of discipleship to prepare people for sending.


1) I do, you watch

2) I do, you help

3) You do, I help

4) You do, I watch

5) You do, someone else watches


This prepares people for leadership in a way they can feel confident they are ready to lead some portion of God's people.