Life is full of twists, turns, remakes, redos, and maybes. Some of your maybes could be:

  • maybe you feel that the mistakes of your past define who you are

  • maybe you don't feel you are not good enough

  • maybe you wonder what your purpose is in this life

  • maybe you are in a place that a change is needed

  • maybe you have no idea who this Jesus dude is

  • maybe…just maybe…your story could be used to grow the Kingdom of God

If this is you, have we got an adventure for you!! But before you jump in, you should know more about us.


Our vision is to cultivate the culture of our community. We have a focus to bring the church to the community and not expect the community to come to the church. One way we are launching this vision is through our SAN/MAN program. This is our See A Need Meet A Need program. We want to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus.​​

Compass MIssion.png

Our mission is to bring people into a REAL relationship with Jesus and others. But what does it mean to have a REAL relationship? Many of our relationships today are built on social media or a friends list. We believe relationships are more than that. For us REAL means that it is Relevant, Engaging, Authentic, and Loving.  All that we do leads to this goal of having this type of relationship with the people around us while putting Jesus at the center of all we do. Our Sunday services, small group gatherings, community service events, and interactions with people are all focused on this one mission: having a REAL relationship. 


We operate on six Core Values. These core values light the way as we move forward and make decisions:

  1. Invest in people and relationships

  2. Everybody plays

  3. Launch with grace, land with truth

  4. Our story is God’s glory

  5. Serve without labels

  6. Love beyond reason


Here's the reality...the scars of our past do not define us...they equip us. Casting Christian Church is a group of people from ALL walks of life who are passionate about their freedom in Jesus. Are you ready to jump into the greatest adventure of your life? We are on a mission to grow the Kingdom, not start a club. We invite and invest in people within our relational world. We love to meet with people 1-on-1 to answer questions, fill in the blanks, and get to know them. Maybe we can meet you for a coffee or lunch. We want to get to know you.


Please click Send Us A Message, fill in your information, and let's connect!

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